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Pure and Clear Skin with Charcoal Face Mask by Inatur Herbals

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Thank you everyone who have participated in 6 months Skin And Oomph blog anniversary giveaway in collaboration with Blinglane . I will be announcing the name of winner on Friday. And yes happy mother's day to all of you, I know it was yesterday but for me every single day is mother's day. I can't thank enough God that he blesses me with a mother like her. She is my biggest companion and I usually gift her without any reasons too.

But yesterday was great, we had so much fun. It was a day to make her feel special and to realise her how grateful we all siblings are to have her.

Now let's talk about what we are here for.
I love being close to nature but because of busy city life, we hardly get time to enjoy peaceful and calm life which is far away from us. But as I love natural products, they become my companion to peaceful skin journey. Natural products helps me in fulfilling my wish of being close to nature. Inatur is an Indian Brand which believes in nature empowered by science in right proportion. (For more info click here). And I have tried their Charcoal Face Mask, this is the first time I am using something from this brand.

What attracts attention-  Charcoal Mask is the new thing for me, I have never ever tried.

Price - MRP  410 INR
Size/Weight- 125 gms
Best Before - 30 months

Availability - Available online and offline too, I see it many hypermarkets.

About product - A deeply cleansing and purifying mask that helps to detoxify and purify the skin. It gently removes all the skin impurities and is especially beneficial for removal of tan from the skin.

Ingredients - Refer to the image given below.

Effect and Feel- The texture of mask is like mud paste, which is thick in consistency. The color is not so black but dark grey. Usually face pack leaves no residue after cleaning with simple water, but this is different. I find it little hard to clean it with water only, you need face wash too for clear skin. After effects are satisfactory, my skin was feeling soft, supple, clean and moisturised. The fragrance is soothing and mild, it's fragrance is somewhat similar to fennel.  As it suggests you to keep it for 15 mins, but I keep it on my skin for little extra time to make it completely dry. As there is no tannimg issues with me, so I cannot comment on that. The tub lasts upto 7-8 usages.(varies from person to person)

Packaging-  It comes in a transparent tub packaging with label has all the necessary information on it. Brand and product name along with how to apply instructions is also on the label. Tub packaging is not hygienic, so I always wash my hands before using any product on my face.


1. Easily available.
2. Gives you soft, supple and clean skin.
3. Free from Parabens and Sulphates.
4. 100% vegan and cruelty free product.
5. All the necessary information is on label except weightage info.


1. Leaves residue if you are cleaning it off with plain water only.

Overall View

This charcoal mask is great option to detoxify and purify your skin. It has charcoal in it which deeply cleanses your skin, Basil keeps skin fresh and helps in controlling oil, neem extracts helps in avoiding pimples and relieves skin and lemon oil save your skin from drying out.
Highly Recommended.

Rating - 4.5 / 5

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MothersMan said...

Mothers Man face wash formulated with these extracts Green Tea, Activated Charcoal, and Energizing Mint. All these extracts are hydrating your skin and also make skin soft and oil free.

MothersMan said...

Exfoliate your dead skin with charcoal face scrub
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MothersMan said...

Charcoal detox face pack is a pure skin magic that works wonders in detoxifying and purifying your skin. This Pack deeply absorbs the toxins and hydrates the skin with deep purification and intensive toning.

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laveena ramrakhani said...

Thanks for sharing this amazing knowledge. we know that charcoal provides the clear skin but applying Majestic Skin Japanese Products may also provide you the fairer and natural skin.

Unknown said...

The POSITIVE 3 in 1 Activated Charcoal (deep clean) Peel off mask sucks out all the germs, Charcoal Face Mask dirt & pollution particles giving you a DEEP CLEANSE treatment at home. This Charcoal Mask (Peel off) exfoliates your skin, eliminates dry, dead skin cells, excess oil (Sebum), whiteheads and blackheads off your skin.

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