Saturday, October 17, 2015

Maybelline Colorshow Creamy Matte Lipcolor- Rock The Coral M103

Maybelline is a renowned brand in beauty world and I also have some of their lipsticks in my vanity. The quality and staying power are the two best things in this brand,that I totally love. And now it's time to test their Colorshow Creamy Matte Lipstick in Rock The Coral Shade M103.

Price- 299, isn't it affordable
Size/Weight- 9g
Best before- 36months from manufacturing

Available- Easily available at Cosmetics Store or any mall near to your place with Maybelline Counter in it. You can order it online too

Ingredients - Detailed information is on packaging( a cellophane cover over the lipstick) refer to the pic..oops sorry I was so excited to try this,  so I removed the outer cover without even clicking the pic.

Texture and Staying Power- Yes as it is known, creamy matte lipstick. The texture is creamy and smooth, it is so smooth that my lipstick broke off when I was using, easily settles in between lines. Doesn't bleed. And stays upto 3-4 hours easily, but if don't eat anything much. This is how it looks on LIPS +swatch.

Packaging- It comes in complete black body with a colored band in the middle, which is not of the same shade of the lipstick. A good packaging is always expected from brand like Maybelline. Disappointing. Not durable.
Manufacturing and shade details are at the bottom of the lipcolor.


1. Affordable
2. Wide range of shades to choose from.
4. Easily available
5. Texture is smooth, doesn't leave your lips dry
6. Doesn't bleed
7. Stays up to good 3-4hours
8. No Strong Smell


1. Packaging should be more durable and can be better
2. Texture is so smooth, it will break easily while applying
3. Delicate, handle with care
4. Settles into fine lines.

Overall View
If you are looking for some affordable options with beautiful matte colors and without even drying your lips, You must try this.

Rating- 4/5

Tip- Its better to keep this lipstick in refrigerator rather than in your vanity or in makeup pouch.

Stay Gorgeous

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