Friday, October 30, 2015

L'affair Cucumber Sheet Mask

If you are beauty lover, you must be aware of amazing and endless benefits of Korean products, after all Korea is known as The Beauty Hub. And I m so in love with Korean products, specially the skincare range.

L'affair is widely popular for their sheet masks. They have wide range of skincare products. You can choose one or more according to your skin type. And here you will find detailed review about L'affair Cucumber Sheet Mask.

Price - US $1.6 but it is available on discounted price of US $1.10
Weight/Size- Contains 1 sheet
Best Before - mentioned on bottom of the back of the pack.. does it sound like a rhyme.. haha.. anyways

Availability- You can get it from  here . Shipping is available worldwide. Free shipping for order above $60

Ingredients - Detailed information is on packaging(refer to the pic).

Effect and Feel- You can easily notice the difference in my skin in below picture. Dull and tired skin transforms into fresh, soft, hydrated and glowing skin. You can brighten up your skin at home with any hassle and facial like glow. I love my skin how it feels after this skin regime.

I know I look like an alien in this picture (hehe), but that is okay.. I can compromise my looks for a while to get a good skin regime..

Picture has been taken in the same light to see the difference.

Packaging - This comes in a beautiful silver and green pack, with how to use step by step picture tutorial, although it's easy to use, with all the ingredients mentioned. One added advantage is everything from step to tutorial to ingredients, caution to tip ; you will have all the information in English language too with Korean language. You can find the expiry date engraved on the bottom of back of the pack.


1. The effect is noticeable, my skin feel soft, supple, hydrated and moisturized.
2. Fragrance is divine, I personally love the smell.
3. No burning sensation, as I was little hesitant to try this because of my sensitive skin.
4. Pack has lots of extra gel even after you apply sheet mask with decent gel in it.
5. You can apply extra gel on your hands/legs/neck or wherever you want to.
6. You can get the facial effect without any hassle.
7.The product is totally worth it.
8. Packaging is absolutely pretty, light and easy to carry.
9. Very Affordable as compared to other sheet masks are available in market.


The one and only con is shipping charges are high if you want to buy few, but they are providing free shipping on or above $60. You can try out different Korean products too from the same website.

Overall View
This is a good and affordable option for skin regime. You can easily add it to your daily routine. Simple to use. No hassle. Just tap open and use to get glowing skin. So just order for yourself.

Rating - 4.8 / 5

Tip- No tips required, just one thing to keep in mind.. wash and cleanse your face prior to use this to get the maximum effect.

And Happy Karvachauth to all the lovely ladies.

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