Monday, November 2, 2015

Engage Spell Bodylicious Deo Spray

Hi readers, I love this festive season.. Dance, music, shopping, glitter, makeup, new clothes, accessories, colors, decorations is all about fun.. I m enjoying it, hopefully you must be enjoying it to the fullest. So here is another review, I have come up to.. Engage Deodorant is not so old in deodorant market. I always try something new whenever I have to buy new in deodorant. So this time it's your turn Engage Spell Bodylicious Deo Spray from ITC.

Price - 190 INR MRP, you can get it on discounted price too.
Size/Weight - 150ml / 100gm
Best before - Approximately 3 yrs from the date of manufacturing

Availability - You can get it easily from malls/chemists/online store. It is easily available.

Ingredients - Detailed information is on packaging(refer to the pic).

My major concern is always the light fragrance, I m very sensitive and allergic to strong smells. I never intend to buy anything which has some strong smell, this goes with deodorants too. So whenever I go out to buy any deo, I always use tester to check whether it's strong or light.

Fragrance and Lasting Impact - This gives you a cool sensation on applying with fresh feel. It would brighten up your mood instantly. The best thing is its fragrance, if you love aqua based sweet smell which lasts upto decent 8-12 hours then it is for you. I personally loved it.

Packaging - It comes in a sleek and long metal body in aqua blue color with matching cap. Everything is mentioned on the product. You can also find store locator portal details too on the product. Manufacturing date , and expiry date is at the bottom of the bottle.


1. Gives you instant cooling sensation with fresh aqua breeze fragrance.
2. Stays fairly up to 8-12 hours
3. Quantity is good.
4. Easily Available.
5. Affordable


1. Contains alcohal.
2. I can't keep it my handbag easily, due to long container.

Overall View

If you are looking for a deo spray with instant cooling effect with a sweet and fresh aqua breeze feeling plus good lasting power of 8-12 hours then you should give it a try.. And it is affordable too.

Rating - 4 / 5

Tip - Spray deodorant on neck, wrist and other parts along with armpits to stay longer than usual.

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