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Nelf Velvetshine Lipglosses in shade Valentine Red (VS04) and Magenta Rise (VS09(

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We haven't talked about cosmetics in blog post since long time and now it's time to try one. Nelf USA is a new brand in beauty world. Nelf represents Nails, Eyes, Lips  and Face. All the beauty products is divided into these four categories and you can wide range to choose from. I have tried their Velvetshine Lipglosses in shade Valentine Red(VS04) and Magenta Rise (VS09).

What attracts my attention-  New brand with wide range of cosmetics and that is affordable too.

Price - MRP  325 INR
Size/Weight- 3 ml
Best Before - 35 months from the date of mfg (approx. 3yrs)

Availability - Buy these from here. (Less offline availability)

Ingredients - Refer to the pic. below.

Texture, Staying Power And Effect 
Valentine Red(VS04) - This lip gloss is highly pigmented, which shows the actual color in just single swipe and stays upto 2hrs without fading(with light snacks only) but it will bleed if you use it without lip liner.(Swatch+how it looks refer to the pic. below) Yes it does leave stain after it goes off completely. This matte red color actually looks good on all Indian skin tones, but looks more better on those who have fair skin. It has vanilla fragrance which doesn't bother much and texture is light and little creamy.

Magenta Rise (VS09)- This lip gloss is little sticky which is very less pigmented. The texture is little heavier on note, while it glossy finish doesn't last long more than one hour. It goes off completely within 2 hours of application and has the same vanilla fragrance.

Packaging-  It comes in a black and tangerine color cardboard box with all the necessary details on it(like ingredients, mfg, best before, MRP, color code etc ). The actual product comes in crystal clear plastic tube with a doe like applicator, which makes it quite easy to apply.


1. Affordable.
2. Valentine Red is pigmented.
3. Applicator works well for even finish and packaging has all the info.
4. Mild vanilla fragrance


1. Less offline availability.
2. Staying Power should be more.
3. Magenta Rise is just a transparent lip gloss without shine.
4. Valentine Red bleed without lip liner.

Overall View
These lip glosses have mild vanilla fragrances, and has wide range to try from less pigmented shades to intense pigmented shades, but what I wish that they could last longer and doesn't bleed.
Not Recommended.

Rating - 3.5 / 5 

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