Monday, September 26, 2016

Ekam Scented Candles - A box full of Relaxing and Divine experience

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Today's post is about relaxation and pampering. When I want to indulge myself into the aroma of rejuvenation or rekidle the spark of love or pamper myself for spa like feel or enliven my space with soothing delights one thing comes in my mind - Scented Candles. Fragrant Candles by Ekam is a perfect pick to choose from. Ekam is Mangalore based brand, and they do have wide range of different fragrances.

Ekam in Sanskrit vocabulary represents the 'ultimate oneness', it is constant, formless, yet present inside everything in this universe. Broadly, it stands for 'one' or 'singular.' Ekam brand thus reflects our Indian identity.

Ekam manufacture all the candle product forms like wax filled jar, cup and designer candles, poured pillars (rustic, smooth, mottled), pressed pillars, T-lights, wax melts and votives. They also manufacture other flameless fragrance products such as reed diffuser, potpourris, aroma beads, pump sprays, car/air fresheners etc

What attracts attention-  Scented candles is a perfect gifting option, and I am always a big fan of it.
Affordability is the second reason to it.

Price, Size/Weight and other details on packaging.

Availability - Buy it from here.

About Brand - Ekam is a brand owned and manufactured by Primacy Global Enterprises Pvt Ltd (PGEPL). It has five candle manufacturing units ? two in India and three in the US. It also manufactures many Aerosol products as well. PGEPL shares its parentage with some of the bestselling fragrant candles found in USA, Europe, Australia and other markets. And can be found in some of the world?s leading retail stores - Wal-Mart, Dollar General, Bath & Body Works, Tesco, Carrefour, Candle Artisan, etc.

Ingredients - 100% vegetarian ingredients (Click here for more info)

Effect and Feel- These candles are extremely beautiful and aromatic, they lift up your mood and enliven your space with their mesmerising and long lasting fragrances. They don't melt so quickly, and . You know what happened when I put these candles into my drawer for 2-3 hours, and when opened it I feel a sensational breeze of sweet fragrance. I picked some of the sweet options from all - rose, vanilla and strawberry. What I choose among all is Strawberry Tea Light Candles, Vanilla Votive Candles, Rose Small Cookie Jar Candle and A Set of 3 t-light sampler (costs me 1 INR ONLY)  The fragrance will stay up to 7-8 hours minimum.

Packaging- You can get different candles in different packaging, Packaging is perfectly designed according to their sizes. You can find all the necessary details on the label.


1. High quality products that conforms to necessary IFRA standards.
2. Mesmerising natural fragrances with 100% vegetarian ingredients .
3. Affordable.
4. Wide range to choose from.
5. Lead free wick and UV resistant colors imported from Germany.
6. As compared to sprays and other fragrant candles, fragrance stays for longer period of time.
7. Perfect packaging.
8. Available online, offline available at Homecentre outlets, hope they will soon available offline too with wide availability.


1. None

Overall View

Looking for perfect gifting option this festive season, or want to pamper yourself then go for ekam candles, these are beautiful and affordable with mesmerising fragrances. You can also try their other flameless fragrance products such as reed diffuser, potpourris, aroma beads, pump sprays, car/air fresheners etc.

I have already gifted these to myself. :-)
Highly recommended.

Rating - 4.9 / 5

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