Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Inatur Charcoal Facial Cleanser

Hi guys,

After Charcoal  Sheet mask review, I am all set to share my thoughts and experience about Charcoal Facial Cleanser.

Packaging- It comes in a crystal clear bottle with pump on the top to dispense right quantity to use. I really liked those skincare products which comes in pump packaging. It has all the necessary information on the label. Skincare products comes with pump packaging are always great because of two reasons- first - pump is always easy to use and second it is hygienic. Label has the information about manufacturing, ingredients, Price,  how to use and etc.

My experience- This cleanser is gel in consistency and is of black color.  Fragrance is same as their other products from charcoal range and after trying it for more than nearly two months, like this product actually took so much of time to understand whether it works for me or not. After checking it thorughly  I came to a conclusion that this facial cleanser didn't work for me, or not for my sensitive skin.  I got pimples here and there after using this and then I thought it was not this, it was something else which was reacting with my sensitive skin because I never had any issue while using charcoal face pack from Inatur but poorly it was charcoal facial cleanser only. I even stopped using it for sometime and when my skin became normal as it was earlier to the use of cleanser,  I started charcoal cleanser again and had to deal with same problem. But my brother has combination skin and he totally loved this Charcoal Facial Cleanser.  May be it is because of my sensitive skin issue,  it didn't work out. All I can say if you have oily/combination type,  this will work but if you have sensitive skin too, you shouldn't try this. Instead of that try Inatur Herbals Sensitive Skin Face Wash, It would work better.

If you are
Oily/Combination Skin Type ---- then---- go for Charcoal Face Cleanser.(patch test required)

If you are
Oily/Combination Skin Type + Sensitive Skin ---- then ---- try Inatur's Face Wash for Sensitive Skin instead.

Price- 420 INR for 200 ml.

1. Comes in a pump packaging.
2. Calming and Soothing Effect after use. (due to basil oil)
3. Affordable and lasts easily upto more than 45 days.
4. Available online and offline too

1. Doesn't suits my skin due to sensitivity issue .
2. It is not travel friendly.

Rating- 2.5/5

You can buy it from here- Inatur Website or find stores near you - Inatur Exclusive Stores

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