Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Fuschia Crystal Rose Bath Salt

Fuschia is a brand which is handmade and is made with love ❤ .. Love should be pure and keep us away from bad ones around. This brand is exactly like this. The whole range is free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, SLS and other harsh chemicals, which keeps our skin away from all the harmful chemicals which are in most of the products of our daily use. So here is their Rose Crystal Bath Salt.

I m gonna add one more point in the whole post.. that is what catches my attention.. You get to know more what actually attracted me towards the product / brand.

What attracts my attention - Handmade, free from harsh chemicals, no artificial fragrances.

Price - 225 INR, It is available at discounted price right now.
Weight / Size - 50 gm / 1.76 oz
Availability- Available on all major shopping portals

IngredientsSea Salt with Dead Sea Minerals, Epsom Salt, Himalayan Salt, Rose Essential Oil, Rose Petals, Olive Oil.

Effect and Feel- This bath salt has one of my favourite ingredient called Rose. This is infused with the eternal aroma of natural roses and essential oils. At first when I opened this, the fragrance is the thing which I noticed which is truely magical. What's more, you girls really wanna know.. you will get your answer when you see the ingredients. You can easily notice the difference even after one use. Your skin feel hydrated, soft and smooth like butter. It removes dead skin and make your skin supple and glowing. And if you are a rose lover, by the way who doesn't like roses and at least I m not of them, the fragrance instantly brighten and lighten up mood. The fragrance stays up to 5-7 hours and you will get a spa experience without any hole in your pocket. 

Packaging- It comes in a lightweight and transparent plastic square with product name and weight details on the lid.


1. 100% vegan and natural plus handmade.
2. All natural ingredients in it plus this is enriched with the goodness of rose oil and olive which leaves soft and moisturizer skin.
3. Removes dead skin cell which gives you radiant feel.
4. It is an affordable option which you can at least give it a try
5. No harmful chemicals included which gives you a safe option to choose from.
6. Fragrance stays for a long time.
7. Spa like experience with just one use.
8. Packaging is too cute.
9. Easily available on various shopping websites.
10. Too affordable.


No ingredients details mentioned.. but u don't need to worry.. The new packaging has everything on it.. All the details will be available soon.. So this won't be a disadvantage anymore.
1. One and only drawback is it is available only online, offline presence is missing.

Overall View

If you love roses, then I m sure you are gonna love this bath salt with all the natural ingredients. This definitely makes  a place in my skincare regime. The Aroma is a total bliss and it gives you a soothing and relaxing experience.

Rating - 4.8 / 5

Take Care, 
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