Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Streetwear Color Rich Ultramoist Lipstick - Persian Blush 29

Streetwear is a brand which needs no introduction, it is another brand which comes under Revlon. This brand is in Indian market from a long time and it is too pocket friendly. And I m gonna review their Ultramoist Lipstick in Persian Blush shade.

What attracts attention- Obviously affordability and other reason is that it sub brand of Revlon.

Price - 199 INR
Size/Weight - 4.2 gm

Availability - Easily available online and offline too.

Ingredients - No Information Available.

Texture and Staying Power- The texture is neither too moisturising nor too dry, it is somewhere in between and doesn't moisturise too dry lips. It glides on easily and color is opaque in just two swipes. Yes it is pigmented and it is basically blue toned pink, which doesn't suit all skin tones. This color stays for 3-3.5 hrs hours and survives a heavy meal(TouchUp needed). It doesn't leave much stained lips after use.

Swatch+how it looks on my lips.

Packaging- It comes in a classic black retractable stick with cartoon girl on the cap and shade no. & name at the bottom. The packaging is very similar to Elle18.

1. Affordable and easily available.
2. Glides on easily without any tugging or pulling.
3. Highly pigmented, color payoff is good.
4. Handy and easy to carry.
5. Doesn't leave dark stains on lips.

1. Not too moisturising as the name suggests Ultramoist.
2. It stays for 3 hours without any fading, after that you need touchups.
3. It doesn't suits all skin tones.
4. No ingredients information available.
5. Packaging can be different so one can differentiate between Elle18 or Streetwear Lipstick easily, it is almost similar.

Overall View
This is a good option for college going girls which is affordable and easily available. But be careful while buying it, it doesn't suits most of the skin tones. Girl with fair skin tone can give it a try.

Rating - 3/5

Tip - Don't throw your lipstick if you don't like the color, just try it to blend it with some other shade of lipstick. Who knows, you may find a perfect color for yourself.

I will be back soon with another review, till then
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