Thursday, May 4, 2017

Baby Shoes - mini haul and my shopping experience with my baby girl

Hey guys,

Hope you are doing well, last few days were little busy. First, it was Inatur bloggers meet and then it was India Runway Week Season 8, if you are following me on my social media account you must have known but if you are not following me then you must to get connected and updated with me.
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So, lets get started with what we are here for. Yes, When I was going back home from India Runway Week, I purchased few baby shoes for my baby. I dont know whether it mere a coincidence or not, but most of her shoes are from Lifestyle only. Lifestyle has a wide range products at reasonable prices.

Lifestyle offers women's, men's and kid's clothing, footwear, luggage, fashion accessories, handbag and much more from leading national and international brands under same roof.

This time I didnt manage to convince my baby girl on my choice, she choose shoes for herself. She is always a big fan of footwear, so whenever we go out, she heads towards footwear section and start trying out.

These are three pairs what she choose for herself.. Heheh

1. This is from a brand called Juniors. They have two colors in it and has ombre pattern with floral embellishment. One is blue and yellow and other one is purple and pink. As she already have blue and yellow coloured one, i have to pick the other. This is so cute, which makes me buy the other color too.
Price - 399 INR

2. This is too from Juniors brand from their Disney range. She indentifies Mickey Mouse instantly, which makes a connection so quickly. So when I show her this Minnie Mouse Casual Sandals, she was like i want this.. I want this.. and what she did. She put those slippers in our shopping bag without wasting a second or without even trying. Hehehe... Let me tell you for her Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse both are same. These are also available in two colors - Red and Pink. We choose Red.
Price- 499 INR

And Last but not least
3. The most loved among all for my baby girl is this Ballerinas with Dora imprinted on it. This is from nickleoden range. Luckily we get her size. As i show her these ballerina, she got so excited that she even forgot about the other one we have shopped. She was like mommy lets go for billing. Heheh... So with this, we ended our shopping.
Price- 499 INR.

And guess what, we get these shoes with an offer. Buy 2 get 1 free. So its definately a hit for us.

Rating - 4/5

I didnt find all the shoes in all sizes. And due to this, it takes about 3 hours to choose as per our choice.

Bye for now, take care .

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what essay writing service is good said...

These are really cute shoes, my niece loved it when I showed the blog to her and asked me to brought it for her. Thank you for sharing it with us..

Neeti Sh. Rawat said...

You should definately checkout baby shoes collection at Lifestyle.. They have wide range of baby shoes.

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