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Epigamia Greek Yoghurt and Snack Packs - A step towards healthy lifestyle

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Welcome back, If you dont know me let me introduce myself to you I am Neeti, I am here to share my genuine reviews about everything whether its food, beauty, makeup or lifestyle. And today we are talking about healthy eating.

I am a blogger from Delhi and Delhi is famous for many things and food is one of the most prominent thing about this city. And, If you are a Delhite and you are not a foodie then I dont believe you. I think everybody here loves food. Nothing can change my love for food but slowing and steadily I am moving to detoxify diet, which helps me to move a step closer to healthy routine. Eating healthy can help you to detoxify one's body and soul. I mean a happy body is a happy soul too right😉.

So, today I want to share my experience about Epigamia Greek Yoghurts and Snack Pack range.

Epigamia's greek yoghurt and snack pack range is made by following ancient greek process of straining. I was so excited to know how they make it because these are preservatives free with natural fruit pulp added for flavour, you will be amazed to know that they have provided the process of making. So let me tell me about it, here are the steps involves in making:

Low fat cow milk is homogenised and pasteurized at 95 Degree C .
Milk Inocution is done by adding select cultures.
Incurbation and Curd Setting
Whey Straining
Infusing flavours with natural fruit pulp
Hygienically packed and dispatched to your reach.
Isn't it ahhmazinggg!!!

My experience
My whole family tried these and all are so happy about it. Everyone is like why we havent tried it yet. Its like an underdog wins a race. All tastes so good plus flavours are not so overpowering. I didn't like blueberry and strawberry that much in comparison to other flavours. But overall its a great experience. Snack packs are upgraded version of their yoghurts or you can say ready to eat yoghurt with chunky granola for sweet flavours or barley puffs for salty flavours. Granola and barley puff are not moist because they are securely packed on top cup with different plastic packaging.

Yoghurts are available in 8 Flavours-
1. Strawberry

2. Mulberry

3. Alphonso Mango

4. Vanilla Bean

5. Bluberry

6. Natural

7. Honey Banana

8. Green Apple

Snack Packs are available in 4 Flavours-

1. Cream & Onion with barley puffs
2. Strawberry with chunky granola
3. Jalepeno with barley puffs
4. Mango with chunky 

What is hit??
These are high in calcium, high in protien
Low Fat, low carbohydrates, natural fruit pulp for adding flavour and NO PRESERVATIVES. 
This is fantastic, I mean What more you can ask for.

What is miss??
I think they should introduce yoghurts in salty flavours too.

Price - 35 INR for 90gms -- Yoghurts
And 60 INR for 112 gms -- Snackpacks

My favourites among in Yoghurt catogary are Alphonso Mango, Vanilla Bean, Green Apple.

And in Snack Pack - Cream & Onion and Mango are my favourites.

Click here to make amazing reciepes with Epigamia yoghurts. You can make smoothies, dip, smoothie bars and much more. So wakeup your inner chef and lets get started.

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Bye, tc see you soon
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Disclaimer- I am neither a nutritionist nor a dietitian. I am just a food lover, review is based on my personal experience. 

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