Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Cosluxe Signature Curve Lipstick - Kiss Me Pink

Hi all,
This time I have come up with a brand called Cosluxe. This is a brand of Thailand, I know many of you are unaware of this brand. They have a wide range of cosmetics section, and Signature Cosluxe Curve Lipstick - Kiss Me Pink is here.

I finally get a chance to try my hands on this beautiful curvy lipstick in kiss me pink shade by Cosluxe.

Price - 299 THB
Weight / Size - 2.5 g
Best Before - Within 12 months after opening

Availability- Not available here in India.

Ingredients- No information.

Texture and Staying Power - The texture is light and smooth which feels very comfortable on lips. It's unique curvy shape makes the application easy-to-use which glides on with a perfect finish. I am so impressed with the texture. It works same as any good quality lip balm does. This Kiss Me Pink shade is a combination nude color with hint of pink in it. I am absolutely smitten by this color and texture. It stays upto 2-3 hours, which is I think a drawback for me. I usually prefer a lipstick with long staying power.
Swatch+how it looks on my lips(refer to the pics below).

Packaging - It comes in a classic black body with brand name imprinted on the cap with weight and shade name on the bottom of the product. But it's unique curvy shape is what catches my eyes.


1. Smooth and light texture with moisturizing effect.
2. Easy to apply due to its curvy shape.
3. Matte shade with glossy finish.
4. Nice shade for college going girls and for working women, perfect for day wear.
5. Fragrance is light and sweet.


1. Staying power disappoints me, I usually prefer a lipstick with long staying power.
2. Packaging can be better with some additional color.
3. Availability is also a drawback.
4. Ingredients information is not available.
5.  This shade is only for light to medium skin tones.

Overall View - This lipstick doesn't do wonders for me, texture and feel is impressive. I can use this lipstick as a lip balm but when I choose lipstick it means staying power is equally important. So this is a complete no no for me.

Rating - 2.5 / 5

Tip - Always apply lip balm after removing your lipstick to keep them soft and supple.

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