Monday, December 28, 2015

Mediheal Mask Dress - Dress Code Red - Quick Review

Sorry for the delay in the post lovelies, my little angel is not fine these days which is why I m not able to write new posts.. But as I promised, here is a quick review of a sheet mask by Mediheal Mask Dress - Dress Code Red. I have already reviewed there La'affair Cucumber Mask already.

This mask comes from, you can also order one for yourself. Click here to get it. As it is a freebie, you only need to pay the shipping, this mask can be all yours.
There are 50+ options available to choose from.

Effect and Feel- This gives you instant glow and your skin feels hydrated and soft. Application is so easy. You just need to tap, open and apply on your face and keep it for 10-20 mins. The serum of the mask contains intensive skincare properties which takes complete care of your delicate facial skin. This product is worth using. You are ready to go with beautiful skin anytime.

This comes in a beautiful red and white packaging which contains 1 sheet mask. Ingredients details are on the pack with manufacturing details engraved on the bottom. Refer pic for more details.

Hassle free, gives instant glow, hydrates skin, does intensive care of facial skin, worth buying

Rating- 4 / 5

It's after effect is not too long, but if you are loooking for instant glow for short period of time it is worth trying.

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