Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Plum Choco Latte Luxuriant Body Lotion

Plumgoodness is a new brand in the world of skincare range. Their products are 100% safe to use with authentic frangrances. And I am going to review here there so tempting Choco Latte Luxuriant Body Lotion which can be your skincare buddy this winter season.

Price - 390 INR
Weight / Size - 200 ml
Best Before - Mentioned on the product.

Availability - Available on their website plumgoodness.com with free delivery option and you can buy their products from Nykaa too.

Ingredients - Refer to the pic shown below.

Texture, Effect and Staying Power - The first thing which comes to my mind whenever I think of this body lotion is its fragrance, it smells heavenly and so tempting that makes you feel like eating. But there is a Warning on the product as you can see on the pic. below. This warning is specially for people like me.. hehe.. I m a big chocolate lover.. It's is hard to resist and I can't hold myself if there is chocolate in front of me in any form.

It absorbs completely with leaving your skin soft, hydrated, supple and fragrant. Its fragrance and moisturizing effect stays up to good 12-14 hours, I was feeling the light fragrance even after 18hrs too. The formula of this body lotion is neither sticky nor watery. It is completely safe to use with 100% NATURAL and 100% VEGAN features. This body lotion is Free from Parabens, SLS, phthalates and other harmful components which is also an USP of the product.

Packaging - It comes up in a white pump up bottle which is little different from what is available in market of body lotions. This pump works really well and gives you right amount of lotion in one go which is enough for your full hands. All the necessary information available on it with a Warning for Choco lovers. (Have a look at below pics. to know more).


1. 100% vegan 100% natural and 100% safe
2. Parabens free, SLS free, Propylene glycol free, PABA free, DEA free and phthalates free.
3. Smells heavenly tempting and delicious.
4. Fragrance and moisturizing effect stays up to good 12-14 hours.
5. It fulfills the purpose of keeping skin soft, supple, hydrated and moisturize all day long.
6. Pump up bottle is very useful when it comes to using body lotions.
7. Brand gives 1% of the total sale to NGO protecting environment, I appreciate a brand with purpose plus helping environment too.
8. Facebook, Twitter, Gmail handle and other details to contact are mentioned on the product.


Overall View 

A chocolate treat for your skin if you are a choco lover. Absolute love. Must try.

Rating - 5 / 5

Tip - Apply moisturizing soaps in winter to keep your skin extra soft and moisturized during winters.

Till then take care of your skin and
 Keep Adding Oomph

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